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English Breakfast, ORGANIC

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A traditional black tea blend (blended from various IMO certified farms in South India)

A magnificient brew of English Breakfast Tea.

To brew the best cuppa:  1 teaspoon per cup (plus 1 for the pot if using a teapot). Use boiling water and brew for between 1 - 3 minutes.  If being served with milk, double the amount of tea and brew for an extra couple of minutes.  Traditionally this variety is served with milk.

ORIGIN:  South India. IMO Certified Plantation

Loose Leaf Tea

'Samples' are enough to make 3-4 cups of tea

The more cut up the leaves the stronger and more quickly the brewing but results in less fragrance & less flavoursome due to the processing to make the  leaves smaller.  Our organic English Breakfast offers a good balance between strength & flavour.

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